Meet Our POWERFUL Keynote Speakers!

  • Keynote Anik Singal
    Founder, Lurn Inc.
  • Keynote Russell Brunson
    Co-Founder ClickFunnels
  • Keynote Will Be Revealed Soon!
    Coming Soon...
  • Keynote Will Be Revealed Soon!
    Coming Soon...

What Exactly Is WebinarCon(fidential)?

WebinarCon(fidential) is a virtual event you can attend from your home where we bring 18 of the top experts in…

  • Webinar Marketing
  • Traffic Generation
  • And Offer Creation

All together in one event to teach you their biggest strategies.

The topics covered during this event include…

  • All types of webinar funnels - Live, Evergreen, and much more…
  • Webinar optimization…
  • Paid media - TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and more…
  • Lead generation at SCALE…
  • Creating killer offers…
  • The backend sales process…
  • And so much more…

If that sounds perfect to you, register below!


Meet Your Hosts

  • Anik Singal
    Founder of Lurn Inc.
    20+ Years Experience With Webinars
  • Andy Hussong
    Expert at JV Dealmaking and Partnerships.
  • Ron Douglas
    New York Times Bestselling Author & 20-Year Entrepreneur.

100% Virtual Seminar - Mark Your Calendar for April 24 - 26!

Last Time, This Event Cost $197...
But For This Event, We’re Making It Completely FREE To Attend!

That’s right...

Your seat is COMPLETELY FREE of charge.

This is a very unique opportunity to discover the secrets from the best of the best and not pay a penny!

So why is it FREE?

Simple. We want to do business with you in the future. We want you to get to know us and trust us. And what’s one of the most powerful marketing lessons we’ve learned from webinars?


We want to create a risk-free environment to connect with you. We want to create so much value for everyone who attends that doing business with one another just becomes natural.

That’s the simple goal.

Meet Our Amazing WebinarCon(fidential) Speakers:

Anik Singal President of Lurn Inc.

Anik Singal is the Founder and CEO of Lurn Inc. He’s been in webinar marketing for over 20+ years now.

Anik discovered digital marketing while in college, and the rest is history. He’s now the founder or co-founder of multiple businesses in all types of niches and industries.

He’s a self-described dreamer. A fighter. An entrepreneur. A speaker. But most importantly, a teacher.

Russell Brunson Co-Founder ClickFunnels

Over the past 20 years, Russell has become one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing. He popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded the software company ClickFunnels.

In his 20+ years as an entrepreneur, he has run offers to everything from shakes and supplements, to coaching, books, consulting, coupons, t-shirts, technology services, and software.

ClickFunnels is now the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company in the world.

Will Be Revealed Soon! ...
Will Be Revealed Soon! ...

100% Virtual Seminar - Mark Your Calendar for April 24 - 26!

Is This You?

  • Have A Business, Not Using Webinars...
  • Using Webinars, Looking To Scale...
  • No

If you’re looking to start using webinars, or scale your webinars, let us walk you through the 5-Step framework we use to optimize our webinars during this 3-day event.

Step #1: Webinar & Offer Creation…

Creating a killer webinar is DIFFICULT. There are a lot of different pieces that go into running a successful webinar.

However, there is a formula we’ve created to write high-converting webinars again and again.

Remember, there are 5 key parts to a successful webinar.

  • Intro
  • Story
  • Content
  • Transition
  • Pitch

During this event, we’ll cover the EXACT steps needed to create a great webinar that CONVERTS.

Plus, we’ll show you how to scale your success once you have your killer webinar up and running…

Step #2: Software & Tools...

Depending on whether you’re going LIVE with your webinar, or your running an EVERGREEN webinar, there are a ton of software and tools you can use to maximize your efforts.

During this 3-day event, we’re going to pull back the curtain on all of the amazing software and tools we use for our own webinars, every single day!

You’ll discover the…

  • Best tools for live webinars…
  • Best tools for building evergreen funnels…
  • Best SaaS for increasing conversions…
  • Best tools for creating professional webinar decks…
  • And amazing SaaS products for automating much of the hard work…

We’re also giving you a “pros and cons” breakdown of the different platforms to host your webinars, and help you choose the right platform for you.

Step #3: Qualified Registrations...

Once you have a great webinar and a funnel that converts, you need to focus HEAVILY on getting the most registrations for your webinar.

During this 3-day event, we’re going to dive DEEP into the best ways to get qualified traffic to your webinar.

In fact, Day #2 is entirely devoted to scaling your TRAFFIC.

We’ll cover…

  • Social media…
  • Affiliates…
  • TikTok…
  • YouTube…
  • Facebook…
  • Your Email List…
  • And so much more…

We’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the highest number of QUALIFIED registrations for your next webinar.

Which of course leads us to improving your…

Step #4: Show Rate...

You know the saying. “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

My answer: who cares?

You can create the best webinar possible and get a ton of registrations, but if no one ends up showing up to your event, all that hard work was for NOTHING.

We’re going to not just show you how to get registrations, we’ll show you how we’ve increased our SHOW UP RATES with…

  • The right software…
  • Laser-targeted email sequences…
  • Text and SMS messages…
  • Ringless voicemails…
  • Calendar reminders…
  • And so much more.

Again, we’re going to show you the EXACT tools and processes we use on our own webinars.

And that brings us to the final step…

Step #5: Conversions...

Last but not least, it all comes down to conversion. You’ve created an amazing webinar, you got your audience to show up, now it’s time to convert.

During this 3-day event, we’ll share with you the best secrets our webinar marketers are using to take their attendees and convert them into sales.

We have specific sessions centered around…

  • 10 Optimization Secrets That Skyrocketed Our Conversions…
  • Creating the Perfect Webinar to Sales Team Funnels…
  • “Weird” Optimization Tests That Crushed Their Controls…
  • Complete Checklists For Optimizing Every Single Piece of Your Webinar…
  • And That’s Just The Start…

At the end of the this 3-day event, you’ll have a complete roadmap on EXACTLY how to improve every part of your webinar and funnel immediately.

Save Your FREE Seat Now! Become A MASTER Of Webinars...

100% Virtual Seminar - Mark Your Calendar for April 24 - 26!

What Will Be Covered During These 3 Days of

The goal with this event is simple: Deliver multiple sessions of advanced marketing strategies that anyone, anywhere in the world can use to finally scale their business, generate leads and make sales.

The tactics and strategies you'll discover at WebinarCon(fidential) can be implemented right away - even the very same day!

Pre-Party: Sunday April 23rd Join The Pre-Party On April 23rd Evening Keynote Delivered by Anik Singal

KEYNOTE: Kicking off the event is Anik Singal, the Founder & CEO of Lurn Inc., and the man who’s been a webinar marketing pioneer for over 20+ years now.

Join The Pre Party

We want to make WebinarCon(fidential) the most exciting event you’ve ever been a part of. So included in this event is an exclusive PRE PARTY!

Start off these 3 whole days of advanced training the right way! Get to know your amazing hosts and start the learning early!

We’re going to go deep into:

  • 7 Strategies Anik Uses To Improve Webinar Conversions
  • An Insanely Powerful Automation Tool That’s Totally Disrupting The Industry
  • Using Multi-Channel Marketing To Boost Show Up Rates
  • Advanced Tracking Metrics To Implement ASAP
  • And So Much More...
Day #1: Monday April 24th Webinars & Funnels Keynote Announced Soon!

Stay Tuned!

Ron Douglas
Speaker #1:
10 Webinar Optimization Secrets That Sky Rocket Your Conversions...

Discover 10 little-known secrets developed in hundreds of successful webinar campaigns that you can apply to optimize your webinar.

These are the secrets and strategies Ron has used himself during his more than 20 year career as a digital marketer...

Anik Singal
Speaker #2:
How I’ve Mastered Both Live & Evergreen Webinar Launches

Anik will share the EXACT strategies he’s used to create successful webinar launches for both Live & Evergreen webinars. Plus, he’ll share the automated tools that make running these easier than ever.

Anik owes a lot of his success to the strategies he’s presenting in this session...

Afternoon Session
Lynn Rose
Speaker #3:
5 Ways To Create a POWERFUL Presentation That Boosts Conversions

You’ll discover how even introverts can command a room and boost conversions on their webinars. Lynn has helped countless marketers become the powerful and energizing presenters they never imagined they could be.

Morning Session
Mystery Guest
Speaker #4:
Creating Killer Offers That Convert Again & Again

You can’t scale a business or webinar without a KILLER offer. In this session you’ll learn how to pinpoint exactly what makes an offer convert, and discover how to fine-tune your existing offer so it converts like clockwork...

The OFFER is by far the most important part of the entire marketing process. We’ll make sure you’re dialed in from step 1...

End of Day #1
Day #2: Tuesday April 25th Traffic & Conversion Keynote Delivered by Russel Brunson

KEYNOTE: You’ll hear directly from a man who needs no introduction: Russell Brunson.

Russell’s company ClickFunnels is now the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company in the world.

Morning Session
Ron Douglas
Speaker #5:
The Complete Webinar Formula Templates & Checklists

Ron shares the exact formula he’s used to create highly-engaging webinars during his 20+ year career.

He’ll provide the EXACT checklists and formula needed for your own successful launch.

You’ll be able to model the exact formula and style he’s been using for decades!

Afternoon Session
Eddie Maalouf
Speaker #6:
Facebook Ads - Converting Facebook’s 2.85 Billion Users

Even with an uncertain economy and ad costs skyrocketing, there are still incredible ways to convert webinar registrations with Facebook advertising.

During this session, you’ll discover every change we’ve seen in Facebook Ads, including the latest iOS updates.

Tom Breeze
Speaker #7:
YouTube Ads for Webinar Registrations - How To Target The BEST Leads

Tom discusses how to get cheap webinar registrations through the untapped source of YouTube Ads. Everything from finding your target audience to creating, scripting and setting up your powerful ad.

Coach Deborah Cole
Speaker #8:
Social Media For Webinars - How To Build A Relationship & Get Conversions For FREE

Most people use social media for their business completely WRONG. And when they don’t have immediate success, they give up. Coach Deb will show you how to create a meaningful relationship with your audience that leads to higher webinar conversions and better close rates...

Andy Hussong
Speaker #9:
5 Secrets to Creating New Webinar Deals in 7 Days (or Less) from ‘Endorsed Traffic’ WITHOUT Hiring a JV Broker!

Watch as Andy shares his proven, yet SIMPLE steps for attracting new JV promotional partners/affiliates within 7 days.

He will walk you through his “Prolific Partner Profits” process for finding, attracting, and retaining your ideal JV partners, so you can create deals WITHOUT needing to hire a JV broker or invest in paid ads (until you have a winner)!

End of Day #2
Day #3: Tuesday April 25th Optimization & DealMaking Keynote Delivered by The Board of Experts

KEYNOTE: Join this full panel discussion from Board of Expert members who share the BIGGEST lessons they’ve learned from their most successful webinar launches.

These are the best-of-the-best when it comes to webinars. They’ll take the stage and share their tactics, strategies, and the biggest mistakes they’ve learned from.

Don’t miss this!

Morning Session
Dan Leman
Speaker #10:
7 Weird Webinar Tests That Crushed Their Controls

What’s the point of testing if you’re not going to use the BIG ideas? Well, Dan has done the hard work for you. He’s tested 7 crazy webinar strategies so you don’t have to. You have to see these yourself...

Winter Valko
Speaker #11:
Increasing Webinar Show Rate - Fully Automated Strategies That Boost Show Rate IMMEDIATELY

Winter will reveal the strategies he’s spent YEARS refining that have helped his clients boost their attendance rates significantly. This is one presentation you CAN’T miss!

Mike Buontempo
Speaker #12:
TikTok For Webinar Registrations - Go Viral With SIMPLE Clips...

How to find YOUR ideal target market on TikTok with SIMPLE videos. You’ll discover how you can grow, generate leads, and monetize without dancing, getting creative, or being funny.

Anik Singal
Speaker #13:
How We Use a VIDEO Extension Formula After The Webinar To Increase Conversions!

Anik explains how he doesn’t end after the webinar, but stretches the promotion by another 10 days...
Anik also reveals how he turned the PLF (Product Launch Formula) upside down and reversed it, followed by how he chops up a webinar and gets it consumed in pieces over days AFTER the webinar is over.

Finally, he dissects how he added additional conversions simply extending the promotion by 10 days by adding more content, videos and assets into the promotion.

Afternoon Session
Rocio Arroyave
Speaker #14:
Converting High-Ticket Offers Through 5-Day Challenges

Rocio reveals how she’s able to convert new customers into high-ticket offers in any industry with 5-day challenges.

George Shepard
Speaker #15:
Summits - Get Your Message In Front Of Millions & Become An Instant Expert

George reveals how Summits & Masterclasses represent the single greatest shift in education in decades. With a summit, you can get your message in front of new leads that are SEARCHING for you!


WebinarCon(fidential) FAQ’s

When does the live online seminar start?
We go live on Monday April 24th to Wednesday April 26th. You will be sent the full agenda once you complete your order.
Where is the event being hosted?
This is an online seminar that you can watch right from your home computer. Once your application is accepted, you’ll be sent full details on how to easily access the event.
Who is this event for?
This event is for anyone who is serious about taking their business to new heights with webinars. You don’t have to currently have a webinar to attend.
What’s included?
Private streaming access to the 3-day online seminar with interactive questions and answers.
How do I access the live Seminar?
Once you click the button at the bottom of the page to submit your application, you will receive an email with further instructions. We're using Zoom to show the live presentations. You will simply click the link in the email at the scheduled time and it will load the presentation room on your laptop or desktop computer.
Are the recordings available?
Recordings will be available for a one-time purchase. More details coming soon!
Where can I contact customer support?
You can contact our support team here

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100% Virtual Seminar - Mark Your Calendar for April 24 - 26!

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To Your Success

  • Anik Singal
    Founder of Lurn Inc.
    9-Figures in Webinar Sales.
  • Andy Hussong
    Created $20M in JV Deals
    In Last 2 Years.
  • Ron Douglas
    Over 1 Million Customers Have Bought Ron's Books & Products.

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